Flip Cameras in the Classroom. Tips and Tricks 1. The flip does not have an image stabilizer so hold it with 2 hands or brace your arm on a table or other surface. The Gorilla tripod works well. 2. Pay attention to the background before you start shooting. Move the subject away from other students or other […]


Using Interactive White Boards to Engage Students Regardless of what brand your school is using, interactive white boards are a really valuable tool to get students up out of their seats and engaged in the learning. Users move objects, words, and text – providing a rich learning experience. The software that is provided with the […]


Graphic Organizer Apps Popplet Using text, images from picture gallery or hand drawn illustrations, this extremely flexible app can be used for the following: – Exploring Ideas: Brainstorming, Mindmapping – Planning Projects: Diagrams, Process Charts – Recording Thoughts: Journals, Notes, Lists – Collecting Inspiration: Mood Boards, Scrapbook, Travel Plans – Creating Galleries: Photo albums, Portfolios, […]


What’s a Wiki? Wikis in the Classroom Definition: A wiki, according to the definition at Wikipedia, (the most well known wiki) is a collaborative website where the users can contribute. If any user who is at this type of site would like to contribute to the page, make corrections, or additions, the “Edit This Page” button […]


Integrating Technology This set of guidelines helps outline best practices in integration, where technology is used as a tool to enhance the teaching and learning experience. When designing classroom activities that utilize computers, it’s important to focus on the pedagogy, not the computer skill. As the following outline indicates, pre-teaching and utilizing planning materials like […]