Who We Are

We as educators have a responsibility to make learning fun and interesting for our students.

That is the main reason why created this webpage in order to help our fellow educators utilize existing technology and innovation of today to create interactive and interesting lesson that will greatly enhance the learning process of the students.

We strive to provide as much information and guides as we can to ease the learning curve of teachers who are interested to learn how new technology can help ease the burden in educating young and old alike.

We fervently hope that this project put forth by us can be a guiding light for our fellow educators.

From The Authors

Kathryn Stephenson

Elementary School Teacher

Kathryn’s passion for coding has greatly helped her integrate some of her computer programs to make her classes more interactive.

Jean Savard


Being an old-school educator did not deter Jean from utilizing technology in the classroom to enhance his student’s learning.

Laurent Ruest

High School Teacher

Like Kathryn, Laurent also knows computer programming and this has helped him¬†improve his students’ learning experience.