5 Reasons to Introduce Technology into Education

There is an increasingly intrinsic link where education needs new and innovative solutions to help students. However, the school environment has been stagnant since the beginning of the 20th century. There is always the painting and the teacher. Ok, the paintings may have gone digital, but basically the method remains the same as in the […]

Why is Technology the Ally of Education?

Technology has long worked as a knowledge facilitator and education accelerator.   Gutenberg invented printing in the 15th century and thus allowed a rapid dissemination of knowledge, knowledge and, more importantly, critical thinking, allowing everyone to read directly on available media at a lower cost. Thanks to its technology, it has revolutionized the prospects of education […]

Pros and Cons of using ICT and Social Media in an Educational Context

Here are three benefits of using ICT and social media in an educational context: Social media makes it easy to exchange and share information, which is an advantage for educational communities. Indeed, all the public participates and can exchange and produce content, which can be very interesting. You just have to be connected with the […]

New Technologies in Education

We always hear about new technologies, they fascinate, frighten… but what place do they occupy in education? We talk about it in this article. For the new generation, the guiding principles of education are the combination of digital and pedagogy. Too often and wrongly, new technologies in the education sector are being simplified to e-learning. […]

The Top 4 Educational Innovations Happening Now

Some are already at work here or there, others are still quasi-theoretical, each trying in its own way to ensure that the student learns better, in better conditions, more efficiently, more adapted to the modern world, to the technologies and the current state of science. Most of these avenues are based on academic research aimed […]

Practical Hairstyles for Online Teachers

Practical Hairstyles for Online Teachers

As teachers, your hair says a lot about you. It is expected that you wear your hair perfectly and professionally. This styling could take a lot of time and money, especially when done in a hair salon in Memphis. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. We will be giving professional and straightforward hairstyles […]


Flip Cameras in the Classroom. Tips and Tricks 1. The flip does not have an image stabilizer so hold it with 2 hands or brace your arm on a table or other surface. The Gorilla tripod works well. 2. Pay attention to the background before you start shooting. Move the subject away from other students or other […]


Using Interactive White Boards to Engage Students Regardless of what brand your school is using, interactive white boards are a really valuable tool to get students up out of their seats and engaged in the learning. Users move objects, words, and text – providing a rich learning experience. The software that is provided with the […]


Graphic Organizer Apps Popplet Using text, images from picture gallery or hand drawn illustrations, this extremely flexible app can be used for the following: – Exploring Ideas: Brainstorming, Mindmapping – Planning Projects: Diagrams, Process Charts – Recording Thoughts: Journals, Notes, Lists – Collecting Inspiration: Mood Boards, Scrapbook, Travel Plans – Creating Galleries: Photo albums, Portfolios, […]


What’s a Wiki? Wikis in the Classroom Definition: A wiki, according to the definition at Wikipedia, (the most well known wiki) is a collaborative website where the users can contribute. If any user who is at this type of site would like to contribute to the page, make corrections, or additions, the “Edit This Page” button […]