I'll admit it - my experience with Interactive whitboards is pretty limited. Since the past several years of my career have been spent out of the classroom, I have never prepared a lesson or used a whiteboard with students. I've seen presentations and I've even taught teachers how to use them, basically - but I haven't spent a great deal of time designing lessons like I have with every other technology application known to man. When I did some research to prepare some resources for this site, I've decided I don't really need to design lessons. There are so many great teachers who have been working with this kind of technology and are passionate about their value in the classroom. Don't ask me for a lesson plan, ask Jim Hollis or any of the enthusiastic educators who partcipate in the Smart Board Revolution Ning! I compiled some sites on the Interactive Whiteboard page on this site, but it's by no means exhaustive. If you think I missed any really important sites, please pass it along!

One thing I know about SmartBoard (not to endorse any particular product) is that with their software comes over 6000 pieces of media. The first thing you should do with your board (regardless of the brand) is check out what comes with the software! Based on your learning objectives, find graphic elements and prepared activities that built right in. You could create or adapt using what's already there before you even turn to the internet for lessons. You should absolutely check out the network of educators for tips an tricks. That might be the most valuable information for a beginner.

My goal: Use the interactive white board to present at my next professional development workshop. Wish me luck.

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