As you can tell from the collection of resources on this website, I love to find new websites that teachers can use with their students to enhance their lessons and activities. New sites are developed every day and I'm very grateful to two busy educational bloggers for helping me learn about them.

The first of my favorite bloggers is Richard Byrne and his blog Free Technology for Teachers. I found Richard through Twitter and I've found that his blog is amazingly informative and practical from a teacher's standpoint. He introduces his readers to new tools, new sites, and rich resources on a daily basis. He not only summarizes the content but explains the application of the resource for the classroom.

The next blogger that I read on a daily basis is Larry Ferlazzo and his blog Websites of the Day. Larry is an English as a second language teacher and he evaluates every site that he find for usefulness for his ELL students. On a regular basis, Larry compiles a list of websites that are "the best" in every imaginable topic. He also explains how the site or resource can be used with students.

I appreciate these two awesome educators. I learn something every day from reading their blogs.

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